Our Baltimore 2020
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Where Do Your Candidates Stand On Democracy?

We asked the 2020 Baltimore City candidates for Comptroller, Mayor, and Council President to go on the record about common sense democracy solutions.

*We need your address only to match you with the candidates who ran to represent you -- it won't be used for any other purpose.

Baltimore: Demand Ethics In Government

We’re letting candidates know that if they want to represent us in City Hall and oversee our democracy, they can start by pledging to ethical leadership now, as they campaign for our votes.

  • Survey sent on 3/10/2020
  • 3 of 5 candidates have responded
Photo Name Position Responded? Supported Reforms Take Action
Placeholder logo Jovani Patterson
City Council President 9 / 12 reforms Supports 9 / 12 reforms View >
Shannon Wright
Mayor No Response No Response Contact >
Brandon Scott
Mayor 11 / 12 reforms Supports 11 / 12 reforms View >
Nick Mosby
City Council President No Response No Response Contact >
Bill Henry
Comptroller 12 / 12 reforms Supports 12 / 12 reforms View >
Photo Name Position Responded? Supported Reforms Take Action

About Our Baltimore 2020

They’re running to represent you and me -- so we deserve to know whether they’ll fight for a democracy that works for everyone. Our survey asks candidates for office whether they’ll support proven solutions to put We The People in charge.

Our Questionnaire

  • We're asking Baltimore candidates to go on the record about these common sense solutions.

About this Campaign

  • The Our Baltimore 2020 campaign makes sure voters know candidates’ positions on the democracy issues that matter to all Americans.

Voting Information

  • Find up-to-date information about how to cast your ballot safely.