For Candidates - Our Baltimore 2020
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Voters want to know your positions on critical democracy issues.

As President, you will take an oath to uphold the Constitution and our democratic principles. You will be asked to address pressing questions about the outsize role of special interest money in politics, the right of every eligible American to cast their vote and have it count, strong ethical standards that keep government accountable to the people, and more.

Common Cause is nonpartisan, and we are sending this survey to all presidential candidates so voters can know their positions on the democracy issues that matter to huge majorities of Americans. Your response (or lack thereof) will be publicized to our 1.2 million members starting July 1.

We’ll also publicize the questionnaires by alerting our supporters and doing media outreach with the results in the run-up to next year’s primaries and caucuses to allow voters to see where candidates stand on these important issues, and to contact your campaign (and that of your opponents) to ask you to return the questionnaire.

You should expect to be asked about these issues, and we hope you will demonstrate to voters early and often what your positions are on key democracy reform issues. A critical step is to answer the Our Democracy 2020 questionnaire and let your voters know where you stand.